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'Co-Create' Vs 'Done for you' social workflow

Kylie as a Full time Photographer was in a position to continue to mange her own visual communications, however, she needed support with setting a direction and plan a workflow that ultimately helped her reach her business goal.

The Business Goal - Generate more income pre-xmas to comfortably take 8 weeks off, spend more quality time with family, and recharge professionally to return ready the following year.

Kylie already had a sizeable growing following on socials; however, she didn't have enough predictable bookings to ensure cash flow. So she wondered how she could improve or leverage her Socials to work towards getting to the goal faster? This is a great question, however, it doesn't get to the heart of the real problem of not having regular bookings for many service based businesses.

Within the Co.Create sessions [founder calls]; we workshopped her known seasons together as a starting point. Most photographers have seasons; you know, when we stress about not having any income or having too many jobs at once. Those seasons.

With her seasons identified, we went one step further, and Kylie went away to research her average client spend.

We also chatted about how she was currently communicating with her existing audience and client base.

With an overall picture established of seasons, average spend and knowing that

In business, there are higher costs of acquiring new clients than offering something to your existing clients. We set about creating an offer that would be of value to her current clients.

Why the heck does this matter for socials, you say?

First, it means we could choose the right digital platform at the right time to deliver the message and offer. Second, socials for service-based businesses need to work into and or elevate awareness, create trust, likability and with a sprinkle of offers.

We knew her email database would be where she could re-connect with existing clients to new offers in a more VIP way, and socials became the promoter not the offer.

Did she reach the goal?

Pre-Covid, Kylie achieved and exceeded the goal! So much so, she could take time off and also invest in extra props.

In the second year, she almost doubled from the first year.

I couldn't be happier that you have a system in place to achieve a steadier income stream, and one that you can continue to adapt within COVID times.

All that hard work paid off literally!.


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