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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Here is my quick go-to round up of strategic copywriters who offer the goods and sometimes free goodies!

Everyone talks up Marie Forleo and she has a free lesson from the the copy cure course. how to become a better writer in 7 days. It's both fun and useful And yes I signed up to test it out!

The Contented Copywriter has a great how-to blog.

Sign up to the Wordfetti community. Obviously, if you don't, you are allergic to awesome emails from super helpful humans. Not sure if they still do a 7-day free e-lesson anymore? but that was super helpful for me when I took it.

For some extra sass check out wild spark copy. I can't guarantee any free stuff, but merely having a read of her own site is gold. Plus she is the only one I found who has direct links to clients websites. She also rates the sass level of each brand she worked with genius.

I highly recommend Danielle read from Read City Writing she's always fun and cares about the connection she makes with her clients.

Take her brand personality playlist quiz or take a listen to her podcast which is always entertaining! And if you can are the ONLY person immune to the song "random acts of compliments" being stuck in your brain on repeat.... please tell me how you did it! haha


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