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Steal my Editorial Calendar

For the last 5 years my business goal was to create more financial security in my business.

I had tried several times to negotiate retainer work (monthly subscriptions) with local businesses around 5 years ago but it wasn't really heard of in my industry and so it kinda scared a lot of people I talked to and signing up to a contract was even scarier to a lot of business at the time.

I knew fewer one-off campaigns and more regular monthly work was the key but back then people were just not ready, I was asking the wrong people, or I sucked at negotiating. Fast forward to 2 years ago and finally I was able to make some headway.

I put aside my shame and asked a lot of clients what they liked about working with me? To my surprise a theme emerged.

They loved how I partnered with them and made images that were 'useful'. Useful? what did that mean?

They would reply with I am able to use all the images you take for me. You tell the stories I need to tell and even ones I didn't know I needed to tell.

What helped me was the experience from my former years as an interior & Lifestyle Photographer.

Every publication works to an editorial calendar, cycles or seasons that give the magazines a structure to their content.

As a creative, I needed to increase my chances of being published and, therefore, paid so; I had to do my research and work well in advance to their editorial calendars.

This experience led me to do one for my brand and it's been so helpful / useful too!

So this is kinda how I came to be a Social Media Manager and content Creator because naturally this is what I did anyway.

An editorial calendar is a simple outline, themed or seasonal or based business goals.

Just be sure to set it up to help you hold yourself accountable, measure your success, and what works/makes sense to your business.

Swipe it below

I hope it helps, and should you need a hand at connecting the dots or cycles, seasons in your business, you can always schedule a founder consultation with me in the booking tab.


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