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Ship N Snap



You ship it.... I snap it .....professionally of course! no iphones here!


Plain white is a necessity for online stores to show clear information about products more importantly the white backdrop bright image is the universal visual language of many stores looking to obtain a consistant look with several differing suppliers in the one online store. Providing plain white backdrop images will give you an advantage as you are able to work into other online stores seamlessly such as boutiques, retailers or even large chains and be ready to start selling immediately with other stores.


PER IMAGE RATE (min order of 4) GST applies and will be calculated on checkout.


In order to accomodate a flat rate budget we have packaged up separate packages to cover as many needs in the simplest way possible.


Please read and consider the terms and conditions before purchasing.


Ship N Snap

  • To ensure we can fulfil all product image requirements, you must complete the a creative brief (via email) before shooting commences. 

    Should you not complete the creative summary before shooting images, the photographer has full creative discretion over the final looks/ lighting and angles.

    By choosing not to complete the creative summary you also forfeit your entitlement to any refunds.

    The photographer can choose not to proceed and or refund any package based on items not fitting the terms and conditions of the ship n snap packages.

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