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Claudine Thornton Creative is a boutique creative agency that works alongside clients to build their brand and maximise their visibility through solutions like graphic design, social media marketing, Photography, illustration & animations. 


As a First Nations owned business, we are always looking to support local First Nations businesses as our clients but also our supply chain.

I have traditional ties to Ngyiampaa Wongaibon country and currently care and live on Kabi Kabi Country (Sunshine Coast).

I’m the youngest of seven children. Our early childhood days were spent motorbike riding, catching yabbies and working with our family in school holidays on drover's runs.

We’d graze cattle and sheep from one location to another and spend long days stick-picking and bur-chipping paddocks for pocket money. Creating our own fun in our spare time. ​​


These days I still practice a slower way of living just fuelled by pour-over coffee and fussier foods which is a passion. It doesn’t take much to get a giggle out of me (particularly if it's an Adam Sandler or Jim Carrie movie).  


Together with my husband and two mini-mini-dacshunds are always looking to explore new destinations with our caravan and I am passionate about reducing my impact on our planet so that I may deepen my connection to it. 

I am available to work locally and worldwide.

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